Do Penis Pumps Work?

Being a man, it has come up many times over my life as an adult in conversation with friends at work and parties. Somehow the conversations always end up being about penises or vaginas and if penis pumps actually work. Until a few years ago I was fine with my penis size, but as I get more into mid life I find myself questioning is the size of my penis enough. I have never had my wife complain about my size or at least not to my face. What she may say to her girlfriends, I do not know and may not want to. I do know that I am a very good lover which means I can make love like a god and fuck like a champion. Anyways, back to the discussion at hand.

So as I creep into mid life, I decided I would give a penis pump a try and see what I could find out for myself. It’s so hard knowing if something works without trying it for yourself as everyone is different and gets different results and has different reviews. Just like how my wife and I will love a movie and think it was great but our close friend will think it sucked. lol. People are so different, so I prefer to try things for myself to gain the knowledge I seek.

So after a few searches and reading some reviews I decided to try a few out. I bought a cheap $25 pump from a local adult store, bought a $120 water based penis pump from an online store and took them both for a spin.

Let’s start with the cheap dick pump. First off it was cheap but you get what you pay for. So I gave the cheap one a go first. I made myself up a program with daily use, minus weekends and logged out a 6week program, just like I would if I was workout out at the gym. I know that with anything in life results take time. Nothing happens overnight and repetition is key.

So my results with the cheaper air pump. First off I found it not very comfortable to use. After a few sessions It was a little bit more comfortable but still not something I would want to use long term. After 6wks of use I noticed a tiny bit of extra thickness, but nothing stupendous that would make you get excited. I am taking millimeters. I measured many times also to be very accurate.

So now it was time to try out the water penile pump I picked up online.
It came with a manual and program but to be fair I decided to run the same program I was using with the air cock pump. This way results would not be skewed by a different routine.

Ease of use. The water pump was super easy to use, and using water with it brought a new level of comfort I had not experienced with the air pump. The water I found relaxed the skin which also helped prevent tearing of the skin which I have heard of happening with air pumps before. I noticed a few stretch marks on my dick after using the cheap plastic pump for the 6wks.
The warm water also helps bring blood into the penis which I assume is advantageous also as an erection is all about blood flow. So as it stands the hydro pump is comfortable and easy to use, plus has definite advantages over the other plastic pump. My first session with the water bath pump showed results that I did not see with my first test. Immediately my penis was thicker and hung longer after just 15 minutes. Now I did notice that the results shrank away after a few hours. Kind of like the pump you get at the gym. Week 2… I had been using the pump daily now except the weekend and I was definitely seeing something happen. Using it was easy and required no extra time as I would slap it on when in the shower or bath after a workout. Week3 passed, week 4…5…6. The time flew by using the water pump in the bath and shower, and results were showing. I though maybe it was in my head but at the end of the 6th week I did my measurements and had gained 14 millimeters or 1.4 centimeters or 0.55 of an inch! Holy shit I thought no way… But after double measuring and remeasuring a few days later I confirmed the results were correct. The my wife also confirmed it with a compliment saying it looked bigger and that week during some sexy loving was enveloped in ecstasy and said I was hitting new places inside of her.

So after trying for myself and giving it an honest try (more than a few days or sessions). I do believe that penis pumps do work.

Now I am not saying that you need to buy the most expensive pump out there or that you will get the same results as me, but I do believe if you are going to get a penis pump, the water pump had definitely GREATER results over the cheap plastic one. I have seen the water ones range from $119 to $350. I say start cheaper and if you are happy with what you are seeing invest into the better one. Just like buying a house or car. Work your way up to the better model. Quite often the cheaper model may give you the same results at a fraction on the cost.

If you are curious about the two types of penis enlargement pumps I used, I have posted photos of them below. As I did not find the cheap air one to be of much benefit I have not listed where I got it, but I have posted the information about the better water based penis pump I case you want more info on it.

Cheap plastic pump


Better Water Based Penis Pump